Vietnam museum of Etnology in Hanoi

If you are a true fan of culture, plan an afternoon to browse this museum. You will discover more than a dozen exhibiting halls about 25,000 traditional objects that are or were part of the daily life of these 54 minority ethnic groups, recognized by the Vietnamese government.
Vietnam museum of Etnology in Hanoi
With many visitors coming to Hanoi for taking a ride around the heart of Vietnam, the capital of peace, the main interests among most of them are HCM Mausoleum, Old Street,Hoan Kiem Lake,...Those things have been through thick and thin together to make Hanoi a better place for all creatures, but those attractions are apparently to be getting stuck with their defintions. Therefore, what’s if we try something new next time which not only an interesting spot in Hanoi, but also a multi-cultural centre which displays the life of people throughout Vietnam. If you have thought over, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology maybe the right choice for you. Located in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, about 8 km from the city center, it would take you 40 minutes travelling by car. However, it worths.
Facade of the ethnographic museum Hanoi 

With an aim to maintain and promote the cultural traditions, customs of 54 ethnic brothers along Vietnam, on 14 December 1987, the goverment made a big move as to officially approve of the proposal for the building of the Museum. After that, the construction of the building  was inaugurated. Lasting for 8 years, the main construction of the museum was nearly completed. On 12 November 1997, the opening of the Museum was spreaded throughout Vietnam with joy and happy for all 54 ethnic peoples. With no doubt,  it truly facilitate establishing a more tight commonwealth and unity to everything which has lent itself to the own good of Vietnam.
Visiting parts
 Showroom of Viet-Muong ethnic group
Bike load of traps 

The museum's exhibition area is a bronze-shaped building with an area of ​​2500m2. This building has an extremely unique, specially designed architecture. The building is divided into 2 floors with 5 displays area. The staircase inside the building has handrails, typical of the north staircase to the stilt houses of ethnic minorities. The ethnic groups are displayed in the museum according to the language system such as the area that introduces the Kinh people, the area that introduces the Tay, Thai and Ka Dai language groups, the Mon - Khmer language group, the Nam Dao and ethnic languages ​​group. Cham, Hoa, Khmer ... The building was inaugurated by Vietnam Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh And French President Jacques Chirac on December 1997 as to show the friendship between the two countries. Actually it was clearly shown in the partnership of Veronique Dolfus. This is part of a plan to show the world the multi color of Vietnamese culture.
Ceremony Cape Bag of the Dao ethnic group
The museum holds and displays many cultural artifacts of all 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam including 27,000 artifacts, of which 23,000 artifacts of the Vietnamese ethnic community, the rest are artifacts of ethnic groups in the Southeast Asia and other countries. The volume of audiovisual materials includes 11,000 documentary images of different topics. Artifacts are categorized and displayed according to different content in the Bronze Drum building, where visitors can learn about the life of the ethnic people through their everyday objects and describe many special cultural features of ethnic groups.
Beef char
Beef char of group ethnic Cham 

With layout, display exhibits in a scientific way, combined with activities to create open space for the museum such as water puppet shows, inviting artists to perform, perform crafts and organize ethnic festivals ... It always create new emotions for visitors.
musee ethnographie 1
Clothing weaving of the Hmong ethnic group
Leaving the Bronze Drum building, tourists visit the outdoor museum. The long houses of the ethnic E De and the reporters of the Ha Nhin and the Rong House of the Central Highlands and Vietnamese people .... give visitors a lively feeling. The large campus, green-eyed trees with lovely gardens grow vegetables, grow medicinal plants, smooth green lawns, village roads ... all give the museum a hard to describe beauty. Visitng here, people will have a chance to know that there is 10 small paths leading to those conclusively unique way of architecture. Enjoying thí speciality from Vietnamese people, tourists will gain more about their fulfilled knowlegde of a perfect Vietnam. Also, it really does show the unity of Vietnam as thí display area is a product of the hard working and elite of ethnic wonders coming from sufferings and monotonous.
long house
Long house of Mnong ethnic

Lastly, it is the last part of the museum where people can sastify with a display area of Southeast Asia being recognized or more being identified by the Kite Hall, a symbol of a more strenghthened commonwealth of ASEAN. The hall was completed after six years constructing from 2008 to 2014. It was designed by a group of architects from Hanoi University of Construction. It is a four-floor building with one floor artifacts preservation and others for offices, Autovisual Room and for the 5 open spaces of displaying the culture of Southeast Asia as well as the world. Ultimately, it’s ASEAN itself and forever like that to be as the hall truly satisfy the hope for a living proof of Southeast Asia now and then and forever.
musee dethnologie
Funeral home of group ethnic Jarai

Visiting the museum on Saturday, Sunday and other special occasions, it may bring you an unforgettable experience with many of the Vietnamese traditional activities which may give you a sense of relief that’s you have come into a worthy trip that gives you nothing left of the Vietnamese quintessense cultures and traditions. For example, we can enjoy the fun of water puppets performance, the joy of folk singing or a substantial amount of experience when you come across a folk festival with many eager games, songs. If only you need some gifts for your relatives or actually for yourself, you can find the souvenir shops and find out what really interesrs you. When you drop around this area you can come across a many of the Southeast Asia customes which is really an interception of the area’s heritage.
Water puppet show
Water puppet show in the museum of ethnology

Lastly, let’s hope that you have learned something from a trip, which is likely to be an  immortal feeling of a multiracial face of an unbroken Vietnam.
If you are a true fan of culture, plan an afternoon to browse this museum. You will discover more than a dozen exhibiting halls about 25,000 traditional objects that are or were part of the daily life of these 54 minority ethnic groups, recognized by the Vietnamese government.
Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and it won’t let you down! It’s an ensured pledge.


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