Terms and conditions of sale

1, General

The general terms and conditions described below form an integral part of any service contract concluded between a customer, (commonly referred to below as "Customer"), also Asiatik Tourism and a Trading Company Limited. (from now on referred to as "Asiatik Travel"). The conclusion by the customer of a contract with Asiatik Travel, therefore, implies that the customer has read, understood and intentionally adhered to these terms and conditions of sale.

2, Validity of tariffs
The service delivery mentioned or proposed in the program is valid for the period specified in the pricing or invoice or all other documents deal out by Asiatik Travel
Asiatik Travel accepts the validity of the percentage, bills or documents given to the Customer at the time of their distribution. However, these tariffs can only be readjusted in the case of hardship, that is to say the cases where, due to an unforeseeable change in the environment of the agreement (significant fluctuation of the rate of exchange, newly promulgated tax, VAT increase, significant increase in the price of transport, etc ...), Asiatik Travel can’t correctly realize the travel program at the initial tariffs. In these cases, a reasoned request for adjustment will be sent by Asiatik Travel to the customer who can either accept it or refuse it. In case of refusal by the customer, Asiatik Travel reserves the right to cancel the program, for him to refund the customer the deposit he had paid, net of bank charges.
3, Benefits

The services provided by Asiatik Travel consist of the implementation of travel programs that are either pre-established by it and accepted by the customer or built in consultation with the customer taking into account the specific needs of the latter.

Asiatik Travel undertakes to provide all the services expressly stated in the travel arrangements agreed with the customer in favor of the customer.

Asiatik Travel is willing to provide, as relevant, certain related services at the specific request of the customer, such as obtaining an entry visa to Vietnam or logistical preparation of activities not included in the program, if suitable, a supplement.
4, Reservation and confirmation
All bookings are sent to our agency through our mail (mail):
 Upon confirmation of the trip, Customer must pay a deposit of 20% of the total price of the trip,
Occasionally, the payment of a larger deposit may be required for late-booking or peak season, depending on the particular requests of certain hotels or airlines.
The balance is payable one month before arrival in Vietnam or, at the latest, at the beginning of the program and this, without a reminder from us. Otherwise, Asiatik Travel reserves the right to cancel the trip and to retain all the deposit deposited by the Customer.
In case of registration less than one month before the arrival or the beginning of the program, the totality of the price of the trip is then to be regulated.
Upon confirmation of the service, an invoice will be established and sent to the Customer by email
For legitimate reasons, Asiatik Travel reserves the right to change or modify the program in favor of the Customer with or without notice in advance.
5, Payment
After an agreement between Asiatik Travel and Customer, The customer must pay us a deposit equal to 30% of the total cost of the trip and all flight prices (In case the flights are reserved to the Customer by Asiatik Travel). The balance will be settled before 21 days of your departure or this balance can be paid by cash or bank transfer on arrival in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. The customer must be in charge of all bank charges. For more information, please contact us on this topic.
6. Modification
a. Changes by the customer
The customer can request the modification of his order at any time, with the payment to Asiatik Travel of any costs incurred by its modificationAsiatik Travel is required to respond to this type of request with the utmost diligence, within the limits of availability. required benefits.
The postponement of the arrival date is considered a modification.
Reducing the number of participants is not considered a change. It will result in the application of cancellation penalties for participants who unsubscribe as well as the re-pricing of the remaining participants.
b. Changes by Asiatik Travel
Asiatik Travel reserves the right to modify the services included in the definitive travel program (corresponding to a change of services and services) in the following cases:
The modification is justified following an event of force majeure. These are unforeseeable, unavoidable and irresistible events that make the trip impossible or dangerous for the client such as war or threat of war, riots, natural or nuclear disaster, port blockade, looting, fire and any terrorist activity, weather, epidemic, quarantine or any similar event.
In this case, the change may result in an additional charge to the customer or a refund to the load.
7. Cancellation
  a. Cancellation by the Customer
In all cases of cancellation of the trip, the customer must pay charges:

* 10% of the total price of the trip 70 days before the start of the trip

* 20% of the total price of the trip 50 days before the start of the trip

* 30% of the total price of the trip 21 days before the beginning of the trip

b. Cancellation by Asiatik Travel
The contract awarded on services rendered by Asiatik Travel may be canceled by us for reasons related to a situation of force majeure: politics, health, natural disaster, aircraft, etc. In all these cases of cancellation, registered persons are fully reimbursed but can not claim any compensation.
8. Obligation and Insurance
Before embarking on your journey, it is the customer's responsibility to make sur that he meets the required requirements in terms of:
- Passport (minimum validity of 6 months after return, at least two blank pages, children, etc.)
- Fitness, vaccinations, preventive treatments ...
- Visa (Mandatory for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia).
Asiatik Travel can, on request, assist the customer in the process of obtaining his visa.
Asiatik Travel is receptive, we do not take care of your contract or insurance purchase. Anyone who participates in a trip organized by Asiatik Travel must subscribe to international travel insurance covering at least medical expenses and repatriation.
During the journey, the traveler must respect the rules announced by the guide of Asiatik Travel. These are rules to ensure customer safety and the quality of the travel program.
Asiatik Travel undertakes to provide on-site any necessary and useful assistance to the client in the event of an incident covered by the insurance, and in particular to assist the client in completing administrative formalities with the local authorities. and the insurer.
In case of dispute or complaint between Asiatik Travel and the customer, both parties must strive to find a better amicable solution. Otherwise, the International Housing Center of Vietnam, which depends on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the only competent body.
All complaints must be submitted in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the services provided by Asiatik Travel



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