Vietnam museum of Etnology in Hanoi

Vietnam museum of Etnology in Hanoi

 12:49 03/07/2019

If you are a true fan of culture, plan an afternoon to browse this museum. You will discover more than a dozen exhibiting halls about 25,000 traditional objects that are or were part of the daily life of these 54 minority ethnic groups, recognized by the Vietnamese government.

One pillar pagoda Hanoi

One pillar pagoda Hanoi

 22:51 29/06/2019

One Pillar Pagoda has a unique architecture: a square wooden floor put on a stone pillar in the middle of the pond. Around the stone pillar, there is a system of curved ironwood bars to support the floor; thus, the entire structure looks like a lotus upright from the water.

Street Hang Ma ( Street paper votive)

Old quarter of Hanoi

 17:56 23/06/2019

If you want to understand more about the traditional village in Vietnam, we recommend you to visit the Old Quarter in Hanoi- Perfect combination of the traditional village.

Temple of literature of Hanoi

Temple of Literature Hanoi ( Van Mieu )

 20:38 20/06/2019

The Temple of Literature was founded by King Ly Thanh Tong in 1070. Six years later, his successor Ly Nhan Tong founded the country's first university (Quoc Tu Giam) or "School for the Sons of the Nation".

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

 22:21 19/06/2019

Hoan Kiem Lake was also called as Luc Thuy Lake, which means Green Lake because the water here has the green color all year round.

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